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Joyful Lunchbox Owners Sarah Jean and Kelvin Eddy

Hi there,

My name is Sarah Jean! I'm the co-founder of The Joyful Lunchbox. As a Mom, full time hairstylist and co-founder of a local ministry. I ran into many days where I was struggling to pack healthy lunches for my boys. I would head to the store on many occasions on lunchables, chips, and sugary drinks. As I was driving my boys to school one day, feeling bad that I didn't have the energy to pack them something myself, I remember thinking... There's got to be something better. That's where the idea of Joyful Lunchbox was born. I feel like it was a "God idea" you know like one of the ones that are too good to be your own. 

The Joyful Lunchbox is a family owned company that cares about the ingredients we incorporate to build lunches to take the stress off of parents and fill the bellies of your children. We have several options for you to choose from to help take the stress off of you and give you back time for your little ones. We are excited to be a part of your families life! 

Sarah Jean

Our Mission

In addition to delivering to individual families, The Joyful Lunchbox is also a lunch food service provider to schools who do not have lunch room capacity at their facilities. 

Our purpose is to provide Happy Healthy and Wholesome meals for growing and developing children. We provide simple solutions to busy parents that struggle creating meal lunchboxes for their kids. We believe every school should serve good quality lunch to their students and faculty and are joyfully excited to serve YOU!

Meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen and delivered daily to schools whom have opted into the Joyful Lunchbox program.

Our Mission
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